Curious minds may ask what the Dutty Wine is. The dutty wine originated in Kingston, Jamaica and its popularity grew at such an amazing rate that the world had to catch on. It was done mainly by women during at various dancehalls and venues. The dance was made more popular when a song called “dutty wine” was released. The combination of song and dance pushed the dance to dizzying heights, making it the popular dance for 2006.

  1. The Dutty Wine dance can be done in many different variations.
  2. This is due to the fact that each dancer adds their own distinctive style to the dance.
  3. To start, the main dance is rather simple.
  4. The main move is the swinging of the neck round and round in a circular motion.
  5. This is done in a repetitive fashion and enhanced if the dancer has long hair.
  6. This completes the upper section of the dance.
  7. Many people incorporate their legs into the dance.
  8. This is done in a butterfly motion (butterfly: a popular urban dance from the earl 1990s).
  9. The combination of leg movements and neck spinning results in the dance the dutty wine.
  10. As mentioned earlier personal style is an essential in the dutty wine dance.
  11. Dancers have been know to countless different styles from incorporating gyrating hip movements, spinning around and even going on their hands and other such acrobatics, All while doing the basic dance.

The “Dutty Wine” song by Tony Matterhorn is also a popular aspect of the dance. Once the song is played all hell lets loose, the women dance according to the descriptive lyrics. The popularity of the song has boosted the spotlight on the dutty wine dance itself.

The Dutty Wine dance however is not free from controversy. There are many people who feel that the song and dance is inappropriate and the overly sexual suggestiveness and popularity is picked up by innocent children. The children mimic what they see without realizing what they are doing. The second controversy is a result of the injuries and death that have occurred from women doing the dance. The rapid movement of the neck has the potential to cause bodily harm. This occurred in late 2006 when a woman apparently died from injuries sustained from dutty wining.

The dutty wine has the potential to be bigger in 2007. With the popularity increasing month by month it could become the next big thing in American pop culture. The suburbs have caught on and once the spark is there, it could become a blazing wildfire. Only time can tell if your soccer mom is caught doing the dutty wine.